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okay energy oxy-hydrogen plasma flame machine/water cutting machie

okay energy oxy-hydrogen plasma flame machine/water cutting machie
Product Detailed
Oxy-hydrogen plasma flame machine, also known as oxy-hydrogen multi-function plasma welding and cutting machine

Oxy-hydrogen plasma flame machine, also known as oxy-hydrogen multi-function plasma welding and cutting machine, is a kind of portable multi-function plasma welding, cutting, high-energy flame heating equipment. It is made up of plasma generator power supply, shot gun, electrical cable and related accessories. Its weight is just 9kg.

The principle of oxy-hydrogen plasma flame machine: The inner nozzle of shot gun (anode) and electrode (cathode) produce electric arc to make their water evaporate first and then produce ionization, form the plasma state of hydrogen ion, oxygen ion and oxy-hydrogen ion. Because of water in shot gun will become gas state from liquid state and then become plasma state, pressure goes up and will be bigger than outside atmosphere. So that plasma erupt from shot gun in terms of plasma beam, its temperature is up to about 8000°C, therefore non- flammable material can be cut, welded, brazed and other forms of flame processing.

Oxy-hydrogen plasma flame machine does thermo mechanical processing (cutting, welding, brazing, quenching, spraying, heating, shaping, etc) on metal with thickness of more than 0.3mm by the safe, convenient, efficient, multi-functional, environmental friendly and energy saving ways of producing plasma from vapor. This is an epochal innovation in the metal processing history.

2. The Main Features of Oxy-hydrogen Plasma Flame Machine(1) Multi-functionality   One set of machine has many functions, such as welding, brazing, cutting, heating, quenching and etc.(a) It can cut and weld any non-flammable materials, including stainless steel, high-alloy steel, aluminum, titanium, brick, concrete, ceramics and other materials.(b) Oxy-hydrogen plasma flame machine can replace or save the following tools efficiently: cutting board, gear cutting, hay cutter, electric saw, blow lamp (valve), oxygen welding gun, hot-air gun, welding inverter or pressure regular, laser cutter and other metals.(c)    Precise cutting (kerf is not over 1mm) is often used to make template, french curve and plug board. (2) Practicability   (a) No need air compressor, transformer, gas cylinder and other auxiliary appliances when using. The machine is just 9kg in total and has dedicated portable shoulder bag for welder.   (b) The medium for using is only liquid (water or alcohol with 50% content). Using water when cutting and using dilute alcohol when welding.   (c) Oxy-hydrogen plasma flame machine just need power supply with 110V or 220V, don’t need 380V.   (d) Oxy-hydrogen plasma flame machine can operate in the enclosure space with no ventilation (office, house, pipe, mine, well, tunnel, basement and etc.)(3) Economical Usefulness   Economical usefulness mainly shows in saving energy. If compared with the equipment which has welding transformer, oxy-hydrogen plasma flame machine can save ten thousands of expenses for you in a year. If it is used in the wild, it can save more considerably, like fuel costs of generators. (It doesn’t include that the generator with 4Kw is several times cheaper than the generator required by electric arc welding machine.)(4) Environmental Protection   Oxy-hydrogen plasma flame machine has realized the breakthrough in flame processing technology of environmental welding, environmental cutting and etc. Ionized vapor molecules produce plasma beam to block raised metal powders, cool them in a minute and stop them enter into welders’ respiratory organ.   Working in this way, processing materials won’t burn and oxidize so that it has a positive significance on environmental protection. Because it has replaced propane, acetylene, liquefied gas and other polluted gas.   (5) Safety   The traditional gas, which has used propane, acetylene and liquefied gas as the industrial gas to weld and cut, is the cylinder high pressure filling, so it is easy to appear dangers of leakage, poisoning, fire-catching, explosion and etc. On the contrary, oxy-hydrogen plasma flame machine just uses water as the raw material, so what it expends is water and power, and what product it generates is also just vapor, no poisonous substance will be generated. In a conclusion, it is a very safe and high-efficient cutting equipment.

(6) High-efficiency   (a) The temperature of the flame produced by oxy-hydrogen plasma flame machine can be up to 8000°C, which is 3 times higher than propane’s, 2.5 times higher than acetylene’s. So that it can work high-efficiently.   (b) The processing metals deform less because of concentrated flame and less heating area.   (c) It is able to form efficiently antirust oxide layer ( weld joint won’t get rusty) in the section of metal processing.    (7) Durability   Oxy-hydrogen plasma flame machine can ensure to keep serving for you at its best every day and every hour.

3. Application Range(1) varied metals and nonmetals welding, cutting, heating and etc, such as light welding, copper tube of air-condition welding, battery welding(2) automobile light steel processing, house operation, building decoration(3) heating system, drainage system, power system, roof processing, refrigerator repair, exhaustion system and other installation and maintenance operations(4) varied pipes operation, underground tunnel operation, ship’s rail processing(5) steel structural installation(6) shedding, tapping, hole burning, welding and melting to surface, heating ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, concrete and other material partly(7) jewel processing, glass fabric processing precisely(8) spraying and shaping to surface (such as edge quenching, concrete surface melting)(9) metal structure anti-corrosion protection(10) utilization of waste and other aspects.Power Voltage: 110V or 220V±10%Power Frequency: 50/60HzPower dimension: 380mm*190mm*140mmPower weight: 8kgShot gun weight: 0.9kgFlame Temperature: 8000°CWelding type: electro gas weldingSteel cutting thickness: <10mmSteel cutting speed: >7mm/s (when thickness of steel is less than 2mm)Steel kerf: <1.5mmLiquid consumption: <0.25L/H

okay energy oxy-hydrogen plasma flame machine/water cutting machie

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